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C O O . S U M M E R
  • C O O . S U M M E R

    Illustration by: Steve Agpawa


    Pigeons are usually thought as the "rats of the sky," but this a misconception. Throughout the centuries, they performed many noble deeds for mankind. Amazingly, they would carry messages over vast distances to destinations and back over unfamiliar terrain. They have helped mankind during war and peace with such tasks. Proving themselves to be very intelligent feathered friends. In present day, people view them as a nuance therefore mistreat them, but they are resilient and adaptive. They are still amazing creatures.


    So you don't have to like them, but next time you see one,  be kind for they truly are extraordinary creatures.


    Inspired by a pigeon would visit my yard frequently.



      • 11 x 14
      • Giclée print on archival paper

      Finish: Painted

      Frame Edge: Flat

      Frame Display: Sawtooth Back, Horizontal or Vertical

      Assembly Details: No assembly required

      Material window glazing: Glass

      Care and Cleaning: Wipe clean


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